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The assignment of an incomplete grade is not automatic. The student must request an incomplete grade and fill out this form. 
Name Change
Official documentation required for name change (social security card, marriage license,
court document).
Petition to Transfer D Grades to Henderson State
Petitioners must complete this form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.
Request for Grade of No Credit NC
Academic Reading, Basic English, Elementary Algebra and/or Intermediate Algebra
Students enrolled in Academic Reading, Basic English, Elementary Algebra and/or Intermediate Algebra may not drop the course due to poor grades but may request a grade of "no credit" (NC) under the following circumstances...
Advanced Placement Exam Criteria  
CLEP Exams and HSU Courses

Students with 15 hours earned and have taken all-remedial courses needed may register online.

The information you need to register, see your classes, view financial aid, and check your account balance is located on the "CampusConnect" tab.
Student Training page for TurnItIn is used to teach proper use of citation for research to prevent plagiarism. Papers are submitted as 'attachments' and scanned for known content. Instructors can then check to see if shared sources were properly cited and original authors given proper credit.
If you already have a TurnItIn login  from a previous course (or other school) you can continue to use it as long as it remains active.  If you need to create a TurnItIn account, you will need a Course Access Code and Course password provided to you by your instructor.  Step-by-Step instructions for creating your account and submitting papers can be found at the TurnItIn training page.